• © 2018 Ben Thomas Photos.

  • © 2018 Ben Thomas Photos

  • Canberra pictures

    In the last week or so I decided to get some local photographs around Canberra. Although after all the recent thunder and lightning it’s hard to imagine sunshine, or just being outside without getting wet.

    But trust me, some days it’s just magic.

    BTP-3 BTP-4 BTP-5 BTP-6 BTP-7 BTP-9 BTP-10 BTP-11 BTP-12 BTP-1 BTP-15 BTP-16 BTP-17 BTP-18 BTP-19 BTP-20 BTP-21 BTP-22 BTP-23 BTP-24 BTP-25 BTP-26 BTP-27 BTP-28 BTP-30 BTP-31 BTP-32 BTP-33 BTP-34 BTP-35 BTP-36 BTP-37

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