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  • © 2018 Ben Thomas Photos

  • Chris and Katelyn, Canberra

    Chris and Katelyn got married on a summery Saturday in Canberra. I was half worried the day before that it was going to rain all next afternoon. The weatherman seem to think so too. But the next morning, even in the early hours you could feel the roaring summer heat. It was going to be a hot day.

    Despite the scorching sun, it was fun to hang out with the couple so obviously in love, and their close friends. We walked a lot, drank lots and lots of chilled beverages (Thanks to Greg for the Eski!) and laughed a fair bit.

    One response to “Chris and Katelyn, Canberra”

    1. Katelyn Melmoth says:

      Ben, you have truly done an incredible job! They look fantastic and I can’t stop scrolling through them!

      Thank you so much!