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  • © 2018 Ben Thomas Photos

  • Deborah and Carey, Lismore NSW

    After landing in Brisbane airport, I drove down the windy roads off the Pacific highway to Lismore. I arrived the day before their wedding and met the excited, sprightly and happily engaged couple.

    As the story goes, Carey, a quiet Canadian soul met Deborah about ten years or so ago, but didn’t make a move till earlier this year – in January. He had waited an awful long time, and could hardly believe his luck when he saw the globetrotting Aussie girl back in Vancouver after all this time. With no time to waste, and a fresh resolve he did a ‘Carpe diem’.

    Although caught slightly unaware it didn’t take too long for Deborah to ponder the proposition that lay before her and reach a positive conclusion. As someone once said, the rest is all just photographs… or history, or something along the lines.

    Some parts of the story may not be as accurate as others. It’s the gist of what I heard, with a tiny splash of imagination for the sake of creativity.

    Also special thanks to Bruce and Meg Gellatly for putting me up for a couple of nights, or putting up with me – whichever is easier to read.

    4 responses to “Deborah and Carey, Lismore NSW”

    1. Lyn McKee says:

      I love these photos!

    2. Mrs. Hilda N. Locke says:

      Your wedding pictures are so beautifuly done! What a happy day for you both…HUGS!

    3. Deborah says:

      Love them Ben! Can’t wait to see them all!!

    4. Viv Roberts says:

      I love these photo’s of the happy couple.