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  • © 2018 Ben Thomas Photos

  • Hugh and Ash, Canberra

    I am generally an optimistic man, at least on wedding days. I often find myself quite confident that things will work out quite nicely. The clouds, even if it rains, will eventually give way to sunshine. But on Friday the 28th of September we were wrong. The rain was adamant; it never let up. We ended up having to find quite unlikely places to keep ourselves dry and out of the reach of biting winds.

    But what impressed me even more were Hugh & Ash who were quite resolute that nothing would keep them from having a good time. If they were dispirited or worried it didn’t show. The elements reluctantly had to give way to their laughter and joy which was not unlike a mid-day sun shining brightly from a blue sky. It was indeed a pleasure to hang out with both of you and of course your lovely friends.

    One response to “Hugh and Ash, Canberra”

    1. Katie Omrod says:

      Ben these photos are AMAZING!!! You would never know that they weren’t what you had planned from the beginning. I wish we were getting married again so you could do our wedding! Maybe one day if we can afford you we will have to get some family shots done :)