• © 2018 Ben Thomas Photos.

  • © 2018 Ben Thomas Photos

  • Tasmanian blossoms

    Apart from the good weather, our trip also coincided with the Tasmanian spring. There were flowers with fancy scientific names like Muscari Armeniacum, Osteospermum barberiae, Passion mix cultivars, Osteospermum lemon symphony and so on, but some just fancy to look at, like the Rembrandt and Triumph tulips, Tall bearded irises, Calla lilies (which seemed to grow everywhere) and little Snowdrops which gently enveloped the landscape.

    Then there was the professional tulip plantations, we visited the one at the picturesque Table Cape which stood proudly overlooking the Bass strait, up on the North west coast. It seems they export tulip bulbs every year as far as the north western Europe near the North Sea. There were also banners for upcoming flower festivals in many a town. We couldn’t stay long enough to witness the locals bring out the jewels from their own nurseries. However I managed to get away with a few flowers safely etched in the memory of my Compact flash card.

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